I am an assistant professor at Kansas State University. My research centers around issues in epistemology and decision theory, though I also have interests value theory, broadly construed, and metaphysics. Currently, I am investigating the foundations and applications of epistemic utility theory with Richard Pettigrew. Epistemic utility theorists explore the nature of epistemic value, and explain why various principles of rationality have the normative force that they do by elucidating the ways in which they are a good means to the end of epistemic value. My work in this area addresses three big topics: (i) shoring up the foundations of epistemic utility theory; (ii) extending it to cover epistemic norms that to date have received little attention, e.g., norms governing comparative belief states, and imprecise credal states; (iii) using the rather flexible tools that epistemic utility theory develops to help resolve problems outside of epistemology, e.g., problems regarding the nature of chance, and the nature of rational preferences over lifetime well-being distributions.